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Choosing music is a new thing for many brides and grooms.  These tips may be helpful; they address many of the questions that have come up when brides have contacted us not quite knowing how to proceed.

  • PRELUDE AND POSTLUDE MUSIC:  Unless you have special requests, you do NOT need to choose the prelude or postlude music (that is the music that is played while guests enter and depart the ceremony room).

  • PROCESSIONAL MUSIC:  Choose music that is of a slower tempo.  If you have parents and a bridal party processing, typically the same music can be used for both, although some brides like to have separate music for the parents.  It is usually nice to have separate music for the bride, although some brides prefer to come in to the same music that was playing for the bridal party.  We suggest that the bride have her own music -- after all, it's her day!

  • INTERLUDE MUSIC:  This is music that can be played during a unity candle lighting or sand ceremony, or even for a moment of reflection right after vows are taken.  This music would typically be soft, reflective, and slower.

  • RECESSIONAL MUSIC:  Choose up-tempo, lively, happy music!

  • COCKTAIL HOUR OR DINNER RECEPTION MUSIC:  You do NOT need to choose music for these, unless you have special requests.

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